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Florida Personal Injury Lawyers

Florida personal injury lawyers are a busy bunch. Every day, people sustain minor to grave injuries at no fault of their own. Keeping those responsible accountable is the real job of a personal injury lawyer, and it’s one that most take seriously. If you have been injured and you believe the injury is one that someone else could have prevented or it is about a product, talk with a products liability attorney New Port Richey FL. You’ll know you have found a good one if they match the following description of a competent personal injury lawyer.

– Good Florida personal injury lawyers do not promise something that they cannot deliver. In most cases, that false promise amounts to a sizable chunk of money. Juries often decide personal injury claims (those that are not settled out of court) and no one can predict what a random group of citizens will decide during a trial. Most personal injury attorneys have enough experience to guess when a case is going to be successful, but no one actually KNOWS. Those who are in business simply to make money may take your case even if they believe you will lose in court. This will leave you with exorbitant legal fees.

– Courtroom experience means a good deal. The personal injury lawyer who is just out of law school may charge you less than a veteran litigator, but your case may serve as practice for him or her. If you choose to hire a professional who does not have much experience in the courtroom, make sure you completely trust that they know what they’re doing. Your settlement could be at risk.

– This may seem like a redundant question to ask, but ensure that the lawyer can practice law in the state where your trial will be held.

– Calling a 1-800-ASK Tom, Dick or Harry number may get you some quick legal advice, but you will almost never wind up working with the person you see on those commercials. Tom, Dick or Harry may not even be a competent lawyer. It is up to you to discover who will be handling your case. Make it a mission to meet this person and to discover for yourself whether they are someone you trust. Again, if the attorney is “green” or just doesn’t seem to be assertive enough for your taste, request someone else. Going to court with the wrong representation can mean disaster for your case. Give yourself the greatest chance possible of winning. Choose a personal injury lawyer you believe can present the facts of your case accurately and who will inspire the jury to reward you a settlement.

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