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Icy Roads Lead to Truck Accident in Tennessee

Many people will be taking to the roads this holiday season. Unfortunately, along with lots of travel, this time of year also brings winter weather. This weather can lead to poor road conditions, which can create problems for drivers. For instance, icy roads played a role in a recent truck accident in Tennessee.

The accident occurred in Dyer County last Wednesday. A car was driving down the interstate, when it attempted to pass a garbage truck. As it was passing the truck, the car hit a patch of ice. This caused the driver of the car to lose control of the vehicle. The car eventually spun back into the path of the truck, and the vehicles collided.

Thankfully, neither driver suffered serious injuries. The driver of the car did suffer some injuries, and was sent to a medical center after the accident. The driver of the truck, however, was not hurt in the crash. At this point, the police do not believe that any charges or citations will be made in connection to this accident.

Icy roads can be a major problem for drivers this time of year. These road conditions can have a major impact on a driver’s ability to control their vehicle. This loss of control can sometimes lead to accidents, as appears to have occurred in last week’s crash.

It is very important for drivers to be careful when driving on icy roads. Thankfully, last week’s accident only involved two cars, and did not result in any life-threatening injuries but a Portland car accident lawyer will still be involved. However, it is easy to imagine circumstances in which this ice-related auto accident could have been worse.

Accidents resulting from icy roads can be severe, because they can cause cars to spin into the path of other vehicles. This could cause a loss of control in one vehicle to lead to a multi-car accident especially the case for car accidents Tucson. Thus, drivers should take extra care when travelling on icy roads this holiday season.

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