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Sacramento Takes an Important Step Forward In The Prevention and Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury in Our Children and Youth

For years, the momentum has been building to combat the horrible effects of brain injury in our children and youth. Study after study has shown that trauma, and repetitive trauma, can result in lasting brain injury that can change the fabric of a child’s life, resulting in the need for Yuma personal injury attorneys.  

Nowhere else has this been more true than in the lives of student athletes.

Recent studies have shown that a major contributor to traumatic brain injury in children is sports related head trauma.  The discovery of second impact syndrome has changed the way we look at our youth and their involvement in sports such as football, soccer, wrestling, motocross, and many other high impact sports.

Because of the growing recognition and concern over the increasing numbers of sports related concussions, Wells Fargo Student Insurance Services, Kaiser Permanente, Mercy Neurological Institute, Sutter Health, UC Davis Health System, and Greater Sacramento Safe Kids have developed a unique partnership to provide student athletes with improved access to local medical professionals trained in the evaluation and management of concussions.

Today, this dedicated team of caring professionals held a press conference to announce the partnership and its programs. I attended the conference and came away energized about how this first step can provide a powerful platform to improve the safety of children and youth in Sacramento and beyond. I was so impressed by the panel of speakers and their dedication to providing first-rate care for children with head trauma. I was particularly impressed with a young man named Colby, a Del Oro High School athlete, who had the courage to speak publicly about his own experiences with head trauma as a student athlete, and the number of ways in which the medical professional failed him. Colby had acquired a football concussion, and followed that up with additional motocross injuries, yet one medical professional after another cleared him for further participation in these sports.  Fortunately, he eventually came

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