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Contact a Dui Lawyer Get Your Life And Your License Back

Police officers and other members of law enforcement are not perfect. They are human, and they make mistakes. Best DWI lawyer in Baltimore can work to make right the mistakes that may have been made when you were arrested for drinking and driving. While not every conviction or arrest can be overturned, many times drivers are wrongly accused and their licenses are revoked. Detailed below are a couple of ways that mistakes are made. Could any of these have affected your case?

Mistake #1 – The breathalyzer that was used on the scene was mis-calibrated. You might be surprised to find out that this can happen. This point is not meant to place blame on the police, as the breathalyzer is a machine and everyone knows that a machine can malfunction. However, it does happen and should be taken into consideration.

Mistake #2 – The breathalyzer showed you were inebriated when you were really experiencing problems from diabetes. Diabetics can release acetone, and this can lead to a false positive reading on the breathalyzer.

Mistake #3 – The police did not follow proper protocol when handling you during the arrest and questioning. As a citizen, you have certain rights, and in America you are innocent until proven guilty. If your rights are somehow violated, this could be cause for your case to be dismissed.

Mistake #4 – The lab made errors when testing the blood sample you provided. Your DUI lawyer may recommend that the sample be referred to an independent lab to be tested.

Having a DUI lawyer who is working diligently on your case is the best case scenario. As your legal representation, your attorney will do his best and use all the resources at his disposal to see that your case is handled appropriately. He will hold anything you tell him in strictest confidence, so it is vitally important that you communicate honestly and accurately with him. Neglecting to tell him important information pertaining to your case will not benefit you in any way. It is not his job to judge you, but to help you. Therefore, utmost honesty is very important.

When working through these types of cases, it is important to be patient. Unlike the movies, legal problems are not solved quickly and without frustration. In fact, cases regarding drinking and driving can take a long time. You will benefit much from taking it all in stride and working through each aspect as it presents itself. Rome was not built in a day, and your legal battle will not be over after a few phone calls and cheeky interview. While no one wants to need a DUI lawyer, sometimes they are your best chance for having your interests protected and your rights defended.

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