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Car Accident in Santa Ana Results in Death

Driving a car is a great responsibility. When you get behind the wheel, you not only can affect your own physical well-being, but the well-being of many others. This is why drivers should absolutely not allow themselves to be impaired while driving.

Last Saturday in Santa Ana, California, one driver tragically learned that lesson too late. That evening, a car containing four people went out of control and crashed into a median. The driver of the car was reportedly under the influence of nitrous oxide when he was driving. The driver was injured in the car accident, and is now in police custody and being handled by a car accident attorney in Sublette, KS.

This crash had great ramifications for the passengers of the vehicle. One, a 16 year old boy who was sitting in the front seat, died due to injuries sustained during the crash. The other two passengers sustained injuries and were sent to the hospital after the accident.

Thus, one person’s poor decision led to three people getting injured, and one losing his life. And an accident like this easily could have affected even more people. What if, instead of crashing into a median, the driver had crashed into another vehicle? This is hardly out of the question, given that the accident happened in the evening, when there were likely to be other cars on the road. Consequently, the actions of the driver very well could have impacted other motorists.

This accident demonstrates why drivers need to avoid driving while impaired. This behavior not only endangers the driver, but could potentially kill or injure those who share the car or the road with them. Contact a Tucson injury law firm to learn more about these situations.

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