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Second opinions may help prevent medical malpractice injuries

Earlier this week we discussed the medical malpractice and conflict of interest issues that many baseball players face when they are treated by a team physician. Physicians and baseball player agents recommend second medical opinions as a way to help prevent medical malpractice injuries or complications from misdiagnoses.

Second opinion by New Jersey estate planning attorneys are not only for well-paid baseball players. Every  resident who is unsure whether their physician has recommended a safe course of treatment can seek a second medical opinion to help lessen the risk of medical malpractice and unnecessary surgery.

A professor of sports law told The Boston Globe that baseball players should exercise their rights under a collective bargaining agreement to a second medical opinion. Medical mistakes can ruin a baseball player’s career and lead to permanent injuries. Team owners may also be unwilling to pay for costly and slow rehabilitation.

“So much is on the line that there is a certain level of skepticism you bring to the table when you’re representing the interests of the player with team doctors,” she said.

Michigan Medical malpractice lawsuits are not uncommon in professional baseball. The Boston Red Sox players frequently complained about the treatment they received from their prior team physician, who was also a team owner. One player famously said, “Our doctors are killing us.”

The physician was successfully sued by a second baseman for $1.7 million for misdiagnosing a knee injury. A second opinion may have prevented the player from being injured from the team physician’s misdiagnoses.

“I always send players for second opinions because misdiagnoses happen all the time,” a sports agent said. Source:

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