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Criminal Defense Insurance Mangagement

Insurance and Risk Management

Our qualified’s national reputation and experience in the insurance industry has been an important resource for its health care clients. Our qualified has created insurance companies and health maintenance organizations for its clients, handling all structural and regulatory aspects of the project; we have also designed and drafted self-insurance programs. Our qualified has provided advice in a variety of risk management matters including counseling and litigation related to hospital record-keeping (including appropriate maintenance and release of medical records); protection of hospital investigations and incident reports; and development of claims investigation procedures.

Integrated Delivery Systems

As a criminal defense law firm, Our qualified has been actively involved in developing integrated delivery systems to enable our health care clients to better meet the challenges of a changing health care environment. Using all types of vehicles (including nonprofit corporations, for-profit corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships), we have established multi-hospital networks, health systems, physician-hospital organizations, management services organizations, independent practice associations, and foundations. These models include vehicles wholly owned by a single provider and equity-based models allowing ownership by hospitals and physicians.

Long Term Care

Our qualified has handled a full range of corporate, regulatory, real estate and other matters for long term care providers. We have represented long term care organizations in connection with syndications for acquisitions or developments, bond issues for development or refinancing, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement issues, resident rights, subacute designations and a variety of policy issues. Our lawyers also have handled the corporate structure of assisted living, nursing, and other long term care facilities.

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