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Public Finance and Law

Several Our qualified attorneys started their careers as state and city attorneys and have extensive experience in representing public entities on a wide range of matters. In addition, we know state and local governments from the inside, providing a unique perspective that allows us to assist both business and governmental clients. Our expertise in public law includes sunshine and open meetings laws, bidding, utility rates, employment contracts, management and service contracts, transfer of real property and condemnation, public official recall and impeachment, zoning, ethics and conflicts of interest and cooperative agreements. Legislative experience includes drafting and interpreting state and local legislation, including constitutional amendments, ballot propositions, statutes and ordinances, municipal charters and charter amendments and initiative and referendum measures from a credit card lawsuit defense.

Attorneys In Public Finance Practice via MMMx

  • Rhonda C. Thomas
  • Thomas K. Vandiver
  • Arnold P. Schuster
  • Eric R. Decator
  • Fred L. Levy
  • Imanta M. Bergmanis
  • Jana Cohen Blackman
  • Joshua J. Reinert
  • Michael W. Ring
  • Mitchell E. Albert
  • Robert L. Schuchard
  • Sara Sachse Reid
  • Shirley E. Curfman
  • Theodore Correl
  • Thomas M. Stephens
  • Steven R. Davidson
  • Barry B. Nekritz
  • Karen Jordan

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