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Common Employment FAQ

Can my employer (current) take action against me if I bring up the issue of unpaid overtime?

At – Will Questions for Virginia Employment Law Firm

What are my rights as an at – will employee?

What if I have relocated to accept a job and find out after accepting the job that the position is not what was promised or I was terminated shortly after accepting the position?

Arbitration Provisions

If I have signed an arbitration provision can I still sue?

Can I be forced to sign an arbitration agreement?

Sexual Harassment

What constitutes sexual harassment?

Do I have to complain about the harassment to be able to sue?

Do I have to participate in an investigation?

Can I just quit and still sue?

What is hostile work environment?

How often must harassing conduct occur before it is considered hostile?

Can I be sexually harassed by a person of the same sex?

What do I do if it is my boss that is harassing me?

Can I complain anonymously?

Do I have a say in what happens to the harasser (ie. Termination)?

Can I be retaliated against for bringing a sexual harassment complaint?

Family Medical Leave

How much time am I entitled to take and under what circumstances?

Do I have to take my leave all at one time? 

Can I receive more information on Wisconsin workers compensation settlements?

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