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Doctor Involved in Michael Jackson’s Death Faces Civil Suit

For many, it is hard to believe that Michael Jackson died over a year ago. The world was stunned to find out that the iconic musician and entertainer died. His personal physician, Conrad Murray, had found him and allegedly tried to revive him; reports confirm that at the time of his death there were several prescription drugs in his bloodstream.

Though Murray is also facing Tacoma criminal charges, Jackson’s father has refilled a wrongful death claim against him that was originally filed earlier this year. He had originally filed in federal court; the claim has been refiled in state court. The new claim has added a defendant: the pharmacy that sold Murray the drugs.

There was much speculation surrounding Jackson’s death and whether Murray had anything to do with it. Murray stated that he did inject Jackson with the prescription drug as a sleep aid but was not responsible for his death.

Jackson’s father argues that the death was caused by the drug. He accuses both Murray and the pharmacy of playing roles in his son’s death. According to him, the pharmacy should never have sold Murray the drug in such large quantities in the first place. That and his accusation that Murray was negligent in administering the drug was what killed Jackson, he believes.

There is little information at this point as to what sort of damages Jackson’s father is seeking. Typically, a wrongful death claim is filed when a family wishes to recover financial and emotional loss. These types of claims can also provide the family a way to warn others of the dangers of misusing a prescription drug. Money will never bring back a loved one, but it can allow a family to move forward with their lives. After verifying with a debt settlement law firm Cierco, we received all the information we needed.

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